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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tother to blasthe front-runner in good fashion, but could anythi change his patho victory. and changing the oscars. sweeping newules just announced but will t academy drasti moves be ough to mp down a ry teatening t ovshadowllywood's biggest nig. "nightly ns" begins right now. good eveni. a specialelcome to viers in washingto d.c. who are right now in the early hours o wh may be a hiic snowstm. winter weath warnings setchrom e soh uphrough new york. sn has been fallin for sevel urs in the washgton, d.c. area which could see two ft ofow. we show you a le look athe whit use the sw ntins f iladphiaia ltime d neyork
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izzard contion pe. alin storm zone warning of -- of coastal floodin and power outages. airlines have nceled some 6,000 flights impacting travele across the cntry. our teams in place with they st. t's begin with miguellmaguein waingtond.c. good evening reporr: lester, od eveni the st snow is here in shgton, d.c. in just a few hours some of the city's mo recogzable landmarks may be diict me in a few hours. it is getting sloppy. ming dowdeways. it could reach gusts up to 50 mileser hour tonight ma areffthe stets an me bracingor ces repteonht dlntllops in lile mcy. inding snow and parazing ice and widereadower tageipplin20 stat shvi tenssee innowhe . ha20 coll isi ur lyetor. wineevy ericfacing this brutallast s wheout kent. anr many a blackout a.
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deep freezwithout electricy or heat. with tes crag into homes, g into each othe ware at a std-ill, oth is a emgency in shingt, d.c. inside of the war ro, cas for help have doubl. the blizzard could be catastrophic. >> we haven't seen a storm like this in t district in 90 years. >> rorter: pro-sketball and hockey ges stponed. e national guard loadg humvees d fit responderseady to roll. >> roandnsre a concern f us. maki sue uld e scene. >> reporter: with gas pumps pt store shvearbare. >> we haveon shoppi threeimes. >> repte tonight isonerto, a thoundil wid isringing avo a std-still. chica a plane skidded off an icy runway. ths ofanled fl tonight neyork is bracing, g more than a foot of snow.
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>>trong winds will lead to zero visibility and cause trees to fall an overad pow l. >> repter: gernor chris christ o the mpaign til and now rerng ho. mandatory evacuations tonit ong the jersey shore. steling from supersrm sannd no facg re flding andea osio nodwas to binaist dp eeng coldat ithe lef mi-p-hr nd sts d izrd whiteotis. anotherelentls punch. c. will stay in th bull's eye. we are told thathe conditions hereill get worse. ey could be, qteli-threatening. they cou beg to dig ouon sunda the big qution, will be what happens between noand then >>l, thanks. al roker is llowing t fore >> it doe't look that no hail my yet. and you could see waington, d.c., still in the th of
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andwill continue toght into tomorrow. plus tomorrow, we're going to start to see winds rlly firg . so y cou see these snowfall amounts, what we're looking for. wainon, lte, we expect to see upwas of 18 to 26 ihe of snow bere it ll over then philelphia, expect anywhere from 12 to 18 ines as well. period of heavysnow. wind gusts up to 40 miles pehour. and new york city will get away with maybe 6 to 12 inches. buthe big problem, we're looking at a lot of ice developing later on, ayou get into new england, not ch happening. the ice centered north calina with a half a inch to inch of ice, lester, ths catastrc an bring downower lines a add the wind morrow, is going to be mess. >> al roker, thanks. and d.c. is right in thebull's eye. about to be buried under feet of snownd e ee city and surrounding subur are making last-minute
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is coming down pretty har already. mark s graves from our nbc stati wrc i in the thi of it. mark, what is the latest fmhere you are? >> reporr:ell, lester, tis the lm before the orm. residents he are being told to stayff the rds and shelter inlaces eno emergencys effect. 'reci for at ee of snow. coupledy 5 mile-per-hou win public traportion is being suspeed herethe naon's capital, probably til monday. thousands of airplanes, flights have bn canled in and out oth shington, d.c. airport. and peoe herere beg td t brace for days, possibly days without powe earlr this morng, the national gua w activated. ey he been detailed, aleas00 mber of e naonal d, to pedite fir sponrsnd esseial personn like doctors and nurses to hoitals. earlier toy, the district leade
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the nba f going rwar withgame those gam we quickly stpod. th mayor said ths going to be a ddly storm. lester. >> mark, good to ha you on. this is t start of the valve nightme. th storms creating. it iseginni to travel her in the eastith aippl afct aoss the country. airports in ra major ciesnsid and tside of t stm zone have canced flights for tomoow, cludin iladia wre o cob on h mor >>eporr: mery e ai on the rds. and onheails. you st can get there from here. some of the nation's busiest airports brought to a stand-still with a ripplefft. chd anlinda struggng to get to san francisco. >> ting to getut of tn before the snowstor this is our thd ighange sie std.r:lit awe pomo th 300flhts caed in mo than 6,00deyed far. over duls tsidof
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circled toy, wti for clr runways for laing. by day's endno flights in oouof dulles, wainon tial, phadphia d charlotte rough tuay. this flori college basketball team stk in atlanta. >> our flight got canceled whilee we on it. and we h to get back off it a now we've been wncou0, :0 >> repr:ut nobody w tge caht drivi in zard. viinia state police one veakenor th a tusd cas reportinaccidents in disabled cars. greyhounand other bus lirs canceli ut. and amak is up and running but alady mofying schedules. >> trains are able to operate through severe condions. her pieces of infrastructu, dated infrasucture like we have here on the nohet corrid could be vulrable. >> reporter: best travel advice -- don' >> if yoare planni to f tomorrow, your flight h been
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not come to the airpt. >> reporter: and the terminals are emptying bend me. some of those taking the last flights o as the tral nightmare afcting airports as far away as california. travel not expected to be bk to normal until the middle of f next week. lester. >> job. thd-atlantic and northeast are batting ow parts of theou a struggling with daerous icy conditions. nbc's ga gutrrez has more on atrom are,orth canain t regionhaokhe firspufromhi masse stm. repter:the uth nigh a pe slope fromennessee to the calinas. a trle-threat, devastating snow, eet d freezing in. >> the bkes locked a sd tohe backf eica hicaev hing fe. thdrerevhe engineft caught in a snowdrt. here ichlott the stm stteafter midnight. the morning mmute treacherous. at this emergency mmand center, all
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least si weather-relad deaths nor carolina alone. statewide, morthan a thousand crashes >> athing over a quarr of an inch could be devastati not only tr intersteor roadwa, t also to oupower grids well. reporter: ron farr is amo those rushing to respond tthe moting accents. >> how has today been? >> nonst. >> rorte ughout the t miled u take look thugh the air. thiss sleet right no buthe ice is most dangerous. nojust on the roads butoppling trees, cuing off r to thousas. e st emecy aucia time. the rolinaanthers oveling snow off the field bere practice today. thnfc amon mellet er but a jopep rally for thamanceled. i thinkverybody seemed kinof panicked and kind of nervous abt it. >> stay off the road if you don't need to
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end some time wi yo fily. >> reporr: tonight chloe oic but thci ianul my eded the warnin a ayedom ga gutierrez, nbc news, chlotte. news tonight about th rgest recall of all time gting eve bigger. millions of vehicles being driven on roads with airbags that could potelly explodod there is word of other death nked to these japanese made takata airbags f in vehicles of mor than a dozen automakers. nbc' anne thompson with new details every drer should know. >> repor tight's redomestic and foreign tomake. 5 million more vehiclesith the potentlldefective kata airba. thmanufacturers impacted, au, bmw, daimler, ford, hon mazda,erdes benz, saab and volkswagen. whate don't know is wh models are called. the ti by nhtsa, the nationaligay
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administrationcomes after joelnight's death last month. e 52-year-old faer died when e drer's sideirbag his 2006 ford ranger exploded ia crash. a death onsafety advocate said was prevtible. >> this inflater had en recled in 61 other countries by other manufacturs. ford, nhtsa and takata all knew this ha oblems. >> reporr: the governme said thnds tests run othat inflaternd it never iled takata said it is cooperating lly with regulators and ford states if we find an issue with our vehies, weake pt aion to address stomer fety onmillion the cles recalled tonight have airba inflaters similar to the one in knight's ash. e others have inors that did rupture during testing. the governme calls is a massive safety crisis andaid it is using all tools to clean up the mess. a mess that is so far taken nine arican lives, t worldwi anne thoson, nbc newsnew york.
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least onperson has di around a doze morebeen sick by an outbreakf listia lied to ckage ladse at a dol processing facily in oh thatacility habe teorarily utn. the sads were ld undedo, fresh seleioansi truth. we put mor inrmation about this on our wsite. to politicnow. justenays until the rst votes are cast in iowa and both parties ruggng with fierce intern divisions. hillary clton trng to blunt bernie nders mentumnd grouof promine conserves is banng together i dramic fashion to try to do sothing, anything, to stop trump. we've got it all cored stng with nbc's katy tur. >> reporte ith span of an hour and a lfthrepu party showed just how tense 2016 has become. p.m. on ursd t, influaz the nationie go le online wh its against tr sue. a scathing editoal, accompanied by 22
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thinkers. bashing the billionaire. like clockwork trump fired back with his usual put-down and by 11:37, the naonal revw s out of the hston republican debe. disinvited by the rnc. you can't have a debate partner come out for or against any particul candidate. reporter: david bowes wrote one of the editorials. >> he a philosopcally unmoed polical opportunt withendencies tord strong man ideas. >> repter: facing e real prospect of a ted cruzomination thestablent s instead warmed to trump. the move earning own nickname. the ab anythbut cruz strategy and ile trump is leadinin nearly every poll, there are those who see his major asse tt tell le it i't get inway rhetic asor wkness. >> ink i pig-ad.
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trump re-tweeted someonwho claimso liven jew america. lis to theial of the hocst and has the us name e genocide ka, nbc news, neyork. i'm casey hu coringheanders campaign. bernie sandersas gone from way behind to ofire. taking on hillary clinton today in new hampshe. >> i wanto say word oan issue that secretary clinton and disagree on. and that ithe incredible powerf walltreet. >> reporte the atck h clinton pushg ck a, telling the des moines registerhe doesn't regr taking hundreds of thousands of dollars r paid speeches to wall stetanks. >> no, i don't. i dot. anybody who thin they coulduy me, doesn't know me. >> rorter: sanders ript h put him thin striking distance of clintoiniowandnto e ad new hampshire. your frndinhe mediwoulhave t
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was a inge candate, not a seous candidat >> reporter: and it agai s brght t her chf fender. last nn las ves. >> this other guy is dd than she is a that feels authentic. >> reporter: that feeling of authenticity drawing young voters to sanders. >> i tnk hillary doanher to sayhere bernie more honest. >> his cign today releasing a new video to help get to the . >> ts is my first me votg. i'a stered voter. i'm just feeli the burn. >> reporte sders still facing aupll bat until io a beyond. against fierce coetitor who has been through ts once fore. cay hu, nbne, washington. still ahead, breaking newsbo an coming to the osrs. the major overhaul`the academy said it will make in responseo growg outrage ovea la of ve what if one ece ofale coulprotyou fromiabes? whatf one sit-up cld prevent hedisease? one.
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fome... 's aleve.,, 're back now with tig changes announced for the oscars. after days of owing controversy ov a lackf diversity in the nominations, the academy announced sweeping reforms to double the numbeof fele and minorit mbers, replacing inactive members for life with a younger generation. but ll it be eugh to tp down thiar threating to overshadow the hollywd's biggest night? nbs moan radford has tailfrom los angele >> reporte overnight, a sprise vote bthe academy. in a statement the president cheryl boone iscs said the
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lead and n wait for the industry to catch up the goal, doubling the number of women d diverse meers by 2020. here is w. voting ss now last ten years and could be rened only if a member has en active over that decade. that means lifetime vong rigs will be earned afterhree of the ten-yems, or if member has won or been nominated for a oscar. those not active under the guidelines will come emeritus membs,hey are pa of the academy but can't actually vote. >> hollywood critics say the changes are a step in the right direion. buthe problem is ggerhan th academy. it is the industry as a whole. now stars are speaking out. two-time oscominee viola vis said the problem is not wh thoscars, it iwith e hollywood moe-making sysm. hoywood reporter steven galloway said the academy could ly move as fast as the industry. >> unt the industry allows afcan-americans and ians and hispani to create
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,,, north rea says itas detained an american snt for allegedlcommitting a quot stile acagainst the governnt. a 21-year-old unersi of virginia studt from cincinnati was on a tour of the countr he was arrested athe pyongyang rpor january 2nd but it is noclear what exactly he is sed of anothermerican prisoners freed from iran has returned ho. jason rezaian and his wifelew out of germany, accompanied jeff bezos, the ceo of amazo who als ownshe po. he fle the couple backnis pvate plane. rezaian w freed last ekenerng
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to folks out there whose diabetic ner pain... shoots andurns itway your da i hear you everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there wheny dad suffer with diabetic nerve pain if you have diabetes a burning, shootinpain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up d asur dtor out abeticerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. ,, before we , we want to check in with al rer one more ti. thlatest forecast in this blizzard of 26. what will you be
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>>ot just the snow. leer lester t are talking about the winds. they are going to causbig oblems. 90miles of snow from memphito south of new city. and far as at cumulationare concerne washiton, baltore,ooks to be thbig winner if you look at it that way. to 26 inches, some areacod pick up to three et of snow. phadelphia, w jers, surring areas piing about 12 to 18. york city looking generallat about six to 12 inches. nowe're so watching the winds. they are going to start to develop as we get into le tonight, rltomorrow. wind seds of over 50, 60 miles per hour, blowing and drifting snow causing bad visility. and so we have cst flood threatfor beach erosion,each fldi a aless,este this thing will e quickly, by sundayit will start to have effects onnto next week >> al, thanks. and more on the late locanews and al will have mortomorr morning on "today." ill do it
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night. i'lester hol for all of us at nbc news, ank you for watchi and good night. rlee fir a carlst bronocs mania sweeng the state. news five with a look at how your fore spotwill be affected by the pe surrounng this weekend's afc champnship game. hello everyone and thanks for g us fs 5 at i'm rob quirk.
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our top or s one of four leaders in a drug traffickg ring in the woodland park area is behind bars.. woodland plak police arrested 20 year old ianichaelorbes yesterday afternoon... news five's maddie garretts li in studio... maddie this investigations has beenoing on for months. this all started in septemr.... wh pe stted eing mor heroin use in the ar... so the metro vice and narcotic division teameup with woodland park pole... working to catchot only s, butealers too. to date... th've made ten drug arrests anhave an additional 25 suspects still under investigatste de. detectives have tred dru nitionll the way back to the mexin cartel... investigating the heroin suppliers first... and then working their way make arrestthroh the drug neork. police belie forbes may be connected and doing busine th 14 othesuspects thiss probab the most detailedr wist ranging, wouldn't st's e laest


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